Leadership Accelerator Program
On-Demand Training for Leaders at All Levels, From Frontline to C-Suite

Become a Complete Leader in Weeks, Not Years

Here's a hard truth.

It takes most leaders years to learn to thrive in the role. They earned the opportunity to lead based on their performance as an individual contributor, but only about 10 percent are natural leaders who transition quickly. The rest spend years making mistakes and discovering that what made them successful in their previous role won't work for leadership. And sadly, some people never level up and become the bad bosses that everyone has experienced.

This accelerator program is engineered to help you:

  • Learn about all facets of the leadership role
  • Build the confidence to step out of your comfort zone
  • Become an influential and empowering leader much faster

12-Part Accelerator Program

This self-paced program bundles three short lessons and nine developmental assignments.

Lesson 1: The Scorecard

Complete leaders know what to observe and measure to know they're doing a great job. They know the game and the rules of the game.

Lesson 2: Coaching Mindset

Great leaders think differently than great role players. They have detached their egos from being the expert and embraced being a leader.

Lesson 3: Wayfinding

There is no single right way to lead. Complete leaders are adaptable, lifelong learners who add needed skills in a just-in-time manner.

The Scorecard is something all leaders, regardless of tenure, can benefit from. It is such a helpful tool to identify priorities as well as track progress. I plan on re-visiting my Scorecard periodically to check in on my progress.

Rooted in Learning Science

You learn over time through experience and repetition. This accelerator program is more than a simple course and incorporates these critical steps of adult learning.

Gather Information

10% of your learning happens by consuming information like these on-demand videos.

Interact with Others

20% of your learning happens by interacting with teammates, coaches, and study groups.

Get Experience

70% of your learning happens through applying what you learn to your day-to-day life.


Strategic, repeated exposure to topics help you connect the dots and thoroughly learn.

Lessons + Assignments

You won't become a great leader from a two-day workshop. By mixing lessons and developmental assignments over a short period, your learning becomes actionable.

Self-Paced Lessons

Short, thought-provoking videos will challenge your assumptions and introduce essential information and concepts.

Developmental Assignments

Developmental assignments foster interaction with others, inspire personal reflection, and help you gain experience.

What You'll Learn

This program will help you:
Understand what leadership is and recognize good leadership vs. bad
Understand how great leaders think differently than great role players
Respond as a leader instead of an expert in crucial moments that matter
Understand the four goals of leadership and how they can be conflicting
Understand all facets of leadership and discover how to monitor over time
Delegate in ways that build engagement and intrinsic motivation
Assess your personality and explore your strengths and weaknesses
Learn how to find high-value topics to study
Learn how to create topical learning plans
Take control of your training and career
Topics covered include:
Emotional Intelligence
Growth Mindset
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Psychological Safety
Employee Motivation
Managing Routine vs. Creative Work
How to Coach Your Team
Vision Setting including Standards and Tradeoffs
Culture and Values
Hiring and Retention
Creating Accountability

"This pointed me in a direction and gave me something to focus on. Instead of spending a bunch of time doing my old job and staying in my comfort zone, I can avoid that honeypot and keep my eyes on the prize. That confidence has been a centering force so far."

What's Included + Next Steps

Program Details

$97 per person


Three Core Video Lessons (3.5 hours total runtime) including:

  • The Mindset Lesson – Level Up Your Thinking
  • The Scorecard Lesson – Learn the Goals and Jobs of Leadership
  • Wayfinding Lesson – Adapt and Get Better Over Time

Nine Developmental Assignments including:

  • Delegating, Coaching Problem Solving, and Responding with Curiosity
  • Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Finding Areas for Team Improvement, and Making Improvements
  • Building a Personal Leadership Development Plan

16 Downloadable Resources including:

  • Leadership Checklists
  • Self-Directed Learning Templates
  • Topic-Finding Exercise Templates

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